Hiking trip to Gaustatoppen, July 1999

A challenging summer hike as an alternative to bike trips in Denmark

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When wild Norwegians get bored from bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, cave swimming and shark fishing, we go for the ultimate adventure: Climb the Gaustatopp (The Gaustad Peak)

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Majestically rising above the lands and waters of northern @ Telemark, Norway,  Gaustadtoppen demands respect from humans challenging it's breathtaking elevation and lack of McDonalds in the walk up. Superhumans, however (like the representatives above) only needs a photographer and small team of sherpas to carry thir gear to the top. Among the sherpas, the superhumans were named dragons. REMENBER DO NOT LET THE PLEASANT SMILES FOOL YOU

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One of the sherpas (Egil, local for "carry far and fast") with his two sons seconds before he mounts his oxygen mask and starts the last leg to the peak.

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Survival of the fittest. The group counted 13 individuals, 6 grown ups (3 sherpas, 3 long legged flame spitting dragons) and 7 kids, kidnapped early in the morning and threatened violently until climbing Mt. Everest would look like an attractive alternative.

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Fuel for soul and body

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I am Magnus, King of Norway and all ye humble peasants shall become my slaves. Hi, listen up! I, the Ki . . . . .

To the readers surprise, the kids vicously beat the sherpas and the dragons in the race for the top. As they beat them downhill again. If you want to participate in next years adventure, join the Anonymous Sherpas Club of Norway (ASCoN) and start looking for challenging bumps with names that are impossible pronounce.

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