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French Union Soup

Visitors to and citizens of Sandefjord often associate gourmet forking to highly ranked Chefs's restaurants like Solvold and Ludl. Places that promise more to you than just food on a plate. There are brilliant terms used by the connoisseur when trying to
describe the pleasure of eating the meals served at these places. The list of terms do not include "forking in" and "lots of  food".

Our "Gourmet Klubben" started in September 2003, several months after the initial idea.

The idea was based on the desire to show off.
The thought of drawing parallells to tasts and advanced cooking as opposed to swearing and shouting to colleagues at work sounded thrilling.

We are 8 people; 4 couples that is. The call for establishing the club was based on an assumption that
preparaing a great meal and enjoy it with good friends multipies the joy of eating a "ready made meal". Sounds strange.

Let' s dwell on that foundation for a second. A norwegian farmers instinct is that only what you do yourself is truly good.
That's why norwegian farmers prefer dying from nemonia rather than call for the doctor. Whatever a warm shower and a good night's
sleep cannot cure is worth dying for. 

We think we are very advanced. The best way to retain that image is to never invite people to our meals
that probably know anything about epicure, fine foods or, in general , food beyond spam.

There are some rules:

October 2003

Barbro and Esben started off in September 2003. Mushroom Soup as a starter.
Main Course: Thai Hot Curry Stew.

Home made Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce

November 2003 /  Hilde and Terje

Hilde and Terje served potatoe - purresoup as an appetizer.
The main course was salmon in Parma-ham with aspargus.

A Triiblach was served to the main course

The meal was rounded off with a Pecan Pie

February 2004 - Elin and Vidar

Elin and Vidar served ham as an appetizer
The main course was chicken

A choclade cake served as the dessert.

May 2004 - Hanne Mette and Svein

Hanne-Mette and Svein's appetizer was a beautiful carpaccicio

a magnificent fish soup with bread was the main course. Yes , we got second servings.

Chocklade mousse cake was the dessert.

2004 - September  - Barbro an Esben

A pear salad with ruccula

Bachalao was served for the main course

and the meal was rounded off with a chockolade cake.

2004 - November - Hilde and Terje

Hilde and Terje got inspired by their Swedish period and served a Swedish "Mortensgås" meal:

Appetizer Black Soup w/ Tio Pepe

Mårtensgås w/ Villa de Vitrice Chianti Rufina

Granny's Apple Omlett w/Vanilla Ice Cream and Muscat de Beaums de Venise

 2005 - March - Elin and Vidar

Elin and Vidar took the retro route and served

Appetizer French Union Soup with

Main Course Swiss Fondu of Meat

Dessert Creme Brulee

2005 - Mai - Hanne Mette and Svein

Hanne Mette and Svein was inspired by the south - east and served

Appetizer Tom Yam Kung (spicy Prawn Soup) Wine Baumer Rheingau Riesling -04

Main Course Thai Chicken with green spicy pasta Wine Pradai nero d'avola (sicily)

Dessert Fried bananas w/ice cream

2005 - October / Barbro and Esben

Appetizer Soup of Asparges

Main Course Frogfish with shrimps, mushroom and mashed potatatoes

Dessert Crisp Veiled Farmer Gals

2006  - January / Hilde and Terje

2006 - Elin and Vidar

2006 - Hanne Mette and Svein

2006 - September / Trip with Color Fantasy to Kiel

2006 - November Barbro and Esben

2007 - February / Hilde and Terje

2007 - April  / Elin and Vidar

2007 - September / Trip to Barcelona

2007 - November / Hanne Mette and Svein

Appetizer Scampi prepared with spices
Main Course Roasted Boned Out Lamb Steak with Herbs, Almond Potatoes, Woked Vegetables
Dessert Home made Caramel Pudding

2008 - February / Barbro and Esben

2008 - April / Hanne Mette and Svein

2008 - August / Barbro and Esben

2008 - September / Excursion to Copenhagen

2008 - November / Elin and Vidar

2009 - February / Hilde and Terje

2009 - May / Hanne Mette and Svein

2009 - September / Excursion to Trapani Sicily

2009 - November / Hilde and Terje

Pumpkin Theme with Costumes

- pumpkin Soup and Blackened Salmon
- pollack with Pumpkin accessories
- pannacotta with stewed pear and caramel clazed walnut

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